We offer predominantly European (Nordic, Central & Eastern European) origin wood products in the Pakistani market.


​Sawn Timber 

We offer primarily softwood (Spruce & Pine) sawn timber in a wide range of dimensions. These include thin boards as well as thick boards, either fresh, air dried or kiln dried, and having a rough or planed finish. We offer these in mixed as well as single lengths, and in varying grades depending on our customer requirements.

Round Logs 

Our logs are carefully selected directly from European forests. We offer softwood and hardwood round logs, having small as well as large diameters, in sawing as well as peeling & chipping grades.

We offer big dimension timber for further processing
We offer fresh as well KD squares
We can offer material from regular production as well as on customer orders
We can supply softwood and hardwood logs in different grades and dimensions.
We are able to load maximum volume in the container.
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