Foundry & Steel

We offer different types of raw materials for the foundry & steel industry in Pakistan, including the ones listed below.



Our coke is of European origin, we offer foundry as well as blast furnace coke in different sizes



We offer black sea origin anthracite in a number of different sizing and specifications

Pig Iron

We offer basic as well as foundry grade pig iron

Pig Iron By Products

These include pig iron blocks and high grade plate iron


We offer different types of ferroalloys, predominantly SiMn, FeSi, and FeMn. Other types are possible based on customer requirements

Scrap Metal

We offer various kinds of re-meltable scrap including shredded 211, shredded E40, HMS 1&2 scrap, as well as re-rollable scrap including R65 rail scrap


We offer many different types of emotors. We offer unsorted as well as sorted lots. Our emotors are sorted based on material (Al body, Fe body), weight (max 300kg, max 500kg, max 2000kg, over 2000kg), or source (general, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, alternators, starters, etc).

Shredded Scrap
We offer Shredded Scrap as per ISRI 210/211 and also as per European E40 standard
Rail Scrap
European origin Rail Scrap R65
Pig Iron
We offer different grades of pig iron
Foundry Coke
We offer different grades of Coke
Pig Iron Blocks
We offer different sized pig iron blocks
Fe Body Emotors
Emotors separated based on weight and body type
Al Body Motors
Emotors separated based on body type
Large Motors
Motors weighing >2mt
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