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ANCo Flooring is the sole distributor of RAKO Tiles and FATRA Vinyl products in Pakistan.
We strive to provide a one window solution for various types of flooring requirements with our premium and comprehensive range of Tiles and Vinyl products catering to a multitude of requirements. We offer solutions for Homes, Offices, Commercial spaces, Industrial areas, and the Healthcare industry.
ANCo Flooring is proud to have successfully provided flooring solutions for a number of prestigious projects, working alongside some of the most renowned and notable architects in the country.
About RAKO

Tiles brand "RAKO" is a brand of Lasselsberger s.r.o, Czech Republic (part of the larger Lasselsberger Group).

Lasselsberger s.r.o. is the largest manufacturer of ceramic floor and wall tiles in the Czech Republic and one of the leading European manufacturers of tiles. LASSELSBERGER s.r.o. maintains and develops the tradition of the Czech brand "RAKO", which started production in Rakovnik in 1883.


FATRA is the first plastics processing company in the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) and was established in 1935. It is a modern European manufacturer of vinyl floor coverings and ranks amongst the worlds most significant plastic processing companies. With its state of the art production facilities located in the Czech Republic, FATRA exports 75% of its products to over 50 different countries.
FATRA offers solutions for all types of flooring requirements, both in homogeneous and heterogeneous quality. Specifically for industries related to healthcare, FATRA offers the Elektrostatik floor coverings which are made of PVC, and specifically designed for applications in operating rooms, X-ray departments or laboratories - premises where electrostatically conductive flooring is required.

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