Unlike most other suppliers that cater exclusively to bathroom and kitchen requirements, we offer solutions for all areas of your home, both inside and out


Floor tiles in RAKO HOME recommended for bedrooms comprise of Porcelain tiles ranging from sizes 30x30cm and above and are available in multiple colors catering to different needs of our clients. These glazed tiles boast an abrasion resistance level of PEI 4 and PEI 5 (tiles suited for medium and high foot traffic areas respectively) to help ensure clear and scratch less floors for your bedrooms.

RAKO HOME has a diverse range of tiles catering to bathrooms, ranging in sizes from 10x10 CM to above, the various permutations and combinations of tiles for this category  will leave you spoilt for choice. Browse through some of our selections below

Living Room:

Glazed Tiles that can be used for hallways and living rooms comprise of many different sizes and colors and have an abrasion resistance level from PEI 4 to PEI 5.


Larger sized tiles introduced by RAKO (45x45 cm, 60x60 cm, 40x80 cm and 80x80 cm) along with their high abrasion level of PEI 5, are recommended for driveways. Averaging a thickness of 10mm with a water retention level of less than equal to 0.5%, these tiles are ideal for driveways as well as for other outdoor application.


Tiles from the commercial series of RAKO OBJECT can also be applied for outdoor purposes including driveways. These unglazed tiles ranging from sizes of
 30x30 cm to 60x60cm are especially designed to withstand higher technical loads for areas that require such applicability.

Outside Area/BBQ/Varanda

As these areas usually have lesser loads, some of the tiles/ series that we suggest for application in these area include; VIA, FORM, COMO, ERA and PEBBLES.

Swimming Pool/ Jacuzzi/ Shower area:

Ranging from mono colored tiles required for the inside of swimming pools and jacuzzies to tiles having different colored patterns, RAKO POOL Series has been developed to specifically cater to these requirements. RAKO POOL also constitutes technical tiles for pool areas such as different type of borders as well as tiles of different shapes used for the border/ drainage area of the pool.

RAKO HOME series also comprises of tiles that have a slightly higher surface slip angle of 10-19 Degrees (R10). These tiles are made especially to provide more grip and can be applied to wet areas around the pool/ jacuzzi as well as in the shower areas. These high abrasion resistant tiles are available in different sizes as per the requirements of our clients.

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