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Who we are

ANCo Pakistan (Private) Limited is an international trading company based out of Karachi, Pakistan. ANCo is also a member of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

Sponsors of ANCo have been involved in international trade for over three decades, gaining extensive experience in private as well as public sector transactions across a number of different industries, which has enabled them to establish excellent relationships with companies and individuals across the world.


The company is currently focused on the following areas:

  • Supplying softwood logs & sawn timber in varying dimensions

  • Supplying different types of packaging paper & paperboard including kraft, sack kraft, testliner 3, fluting paper, krafliner and folding box board

  • Supplying raw materials for the foundry & steel industries including foundry coke, pig iron (and its by-products), scrap metal and emotors

  • Trading in agri-commodities including rice and pulses

  • Offering various flooring solutions including tiles and vinyl PVC flooring

Green Forest

Logs | Timber | Wood Chips

Paper Loading Pakistan

Paper | Paperboard


Coke | Pig Iron | Scrap

Rice Loading Pakistan

Rice | Pulses

Raka Flooring Pakistan

Tiles | Vinyl

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