We are the agents of Metalimex a.s. in Pakistan, focusing on the supply of different types of coke. Metalimex is one of the most prominent business groups in Central Europe, dealing in fuels, metals along with their semi-finished products, and other commodities. Specifically around production and trading of coke, Metalimex a.s. owns and operates the largest foundry coke producing plant in Europe.


We can provide the following types of coke:

       - foundry coke (SLK1, SLK2, SLK3),
       - blast furnace coke (VK),
       - technological cokes (O1, O2, Hr, Pr).

Foundry coke is available in the following sizes:

Blast furnace coke, which is mainly used as an oxidising-reducing agent in blast furnaces, is available in the following size:

Other products:

Metalimex also focuses on trading in the following areas:


  • Non-ferrous metals,
  • Aluminium sheets, strips, foil and aluminium and paper-based packaging,
  • Solid fuels, in particular, Coking Coal, Steam coal, Sized Hard Coal, Brown Coal, Lignite and Anthracite
  • Pulverized coal dust,
  • Copper and brass semi-products,
  • Copper, brass, aluminium and steel scrap,
  • Steel products,
  • Iron ore,
  • Other commodities


For any queries regarding the above commodities, please contact us on

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