Pakistan is one the largest producers of cotton, and ranked amongst the top textile exporting countries globally.  We work closely with some of the largest and reputable textile set ups in the country, that comply with various international quality standards and certifications,


At the moment, we have the capability to offer the following products:

  1. Kitchen and table linen for retail and institutional use
  2. Complete range of bed linen for retail and institutional use
  3. Full range of towels and related products for retail and institutional use
  4. Garments & Socks
  5. Textile fabrics


Our primary market for these products is Europe. In case of any query, please contact us on trade@ancopk.com


We import second hand “used” clothing from different parts of Europe. Typical imported items include, household rummage, anoraks, jeans, slippers, socks, scarves/hats/gloves, curtains, children’s clothing, toys and different types of boots/shoes, jackets and men’s & women’s clothing

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