We source our logs directly from the forests of Europe, carefully selecting them to maintain our high quality standards. We are able to supply European softwood (Spruce, Pine) and also Hardwoods (Ash, Beech etc), in small as well as in large diameters, along with different length options.


We specialize in supplying sawn timber from Europe. In certain cases, the logs used to produce timber for our clients is also sourced by us, therefore giving us an advantage on competitiveness.


We have the ability to supply different species in both thin and thick boards, and with different width/length options. We also offer large dimension construction timber (commonly known as sleeper size) in thickness and width starting from 38mm to 350mm.

We can supply softwood and hardwood logs in different grades and dimensions



We are able to load maximum volume in the container

We have the capability of producing customized dimensions as per client requirements



Quality of our Rough KD material is considered to be excellent

We offer large (sleeper) dimension beams

We offer stock lot material and special quality lumbers

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