Catering to even the most challenging flooring requirements with regards to Industrial settings, RAKO INDUSTRIAL series from the RAKO OBJECT collection offers extremely hardy and durable tiles especially for industrial use. These tiles have very high abrasion resistance levels and are designed specifically for heavy use consisting of full body, porcelain tiles with a thickness of up to 15mm. These extremely heavy duty tiles are available in different sizes ranging from 20x20 cm 30x30xm to 30x60 cm with a multitude of colors and types.  This series also includes technical tiles such as those used for hospital and ramps. Additionally, these tile also have a high slip resistance level and are perfect to be applied in areas that require such a characteristic, including; production halls.


TAURUS GRANIT also from the RAKO OBJECT series consists of tiles having a glossy finish to them which are ideal for corridors and big commercial spaces and are available in the sizes of 60x60 cm.

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