FATRA offers various options for residential use. Since vinyl flooring are water resistant, easy to clean and have a high level of abrasion resistance, they can be applied to any area of the house. Residential vinyl flooring collections are made up of a variety of aesthetics, including; tile, stone, slate looks and a soft, warm feel underfoot and form part of the Heterogeneous range provided by FATRA which includes the following coverings/ series;



These coverings (series) are all produced in roll form and are composed of several layers, distinguished from each other by composition or design. The thickness of the wear (useful) layer determines the load degree of the floor covering. These floorings meet the requirements for applications in both residential and commercial buildings as well as in light industry. Other than creating an anti- allergic environment, most of these series are also Bacteria Resistant (ISO 846). These coverings also have a high chemical resistance of the surface and a high resistance to wear with an attractive appearance. The dedicated wear layer (PUR Layer) for these series ranges from between 0.2mm to 0.8mm which makes them extremely durable.


The FATRAClick design conveniently combines the benefits of vinyl and conventional floating floors, thus lending great properties to this flooring.

This floor covering is composed of three basic layers. The notional middle layer of the flooring consists of an HDF board with increased resistance to moisture, which is equipped with a soundproofing cork layer at the bottom. Polyurethane PVC material with a wear layer is used at the top.


Produced in planks with a plank size of 1235 x 230 (mm), total thickness of 9.5 (mm) and a wear (protective layer) thickness of 0.40 (mm), FATRA CLICK includes a number of décors that imitate timber species such as oak, maple, chestnut or walnut. The collection is exceptional for its authentic natural wood texture – not only visually, but due to its surface structure, also to the touch. Our portfolio includes a wide range of flooring shades, from light beige, cappuccino to shades of grey, to dark brown. These planks are installed without the use of adhesives and you can walk on the floor during and immediately after installation is finished.

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