FATRA is the first plastics processing company in the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) and was established in 1935. It is a modern European manufacturer of vinyl floor coverings and ranks amongst the worlds most significant plastic processing companies. With its state of the art production facilities located in the Czech Republic, FATRA exports 75% of its products to over 50 different countries. It is a member of the larger AGROFERT Group, which has more than 250 subsidiaries globally, and employs over 34,000 people in 18 different countries across 4 continents. The Group is active in many sectors, including agriculture, food processing, chemical industry, forestry and timbering, ground-technologies, technology and transportation, renewable energy, and media.


Vinyl floors made by FATRA have characteristics of modern lifestyle and aim towards attainment of a healthy and clean environment as we believe that the floor is no longer just something purely practical and essential today; it is also an important decorative element, which sets the mood of the whole interior.


 FATRA offers solutions for all types of flooring requirements, both in homogeneous and heterogeneous quality. Specifically for industries related to healthcare, FATRA offers the Elektrostatik floor coverings which are made of PVC, and specifically designed for applications in operating rooms, X-ray departments or laboratories - premises where electrostatically conductive flooring is required. For production areas, FATRA offers a wide range of options that are designed specifically to meet high standards around quality, hygiene, and heavy stress applications


For more details on Fatra, please visit the website www.fatrafloor.cz

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