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ANCo offers different types of pulses mostly from European origins in addition to all types of Pakistani origin rice.


ANCo offers all varieties of Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice (of Pakistani origin) in packaging ranging from 1kg to 1mt (also bulk in containers). These include:


  • Extra Long Grain 1121 White & Parboiled/Sela Rice

  • Extra Long Grain Super Basmati White Rice, Brown Rice & Parboiled Rice

  • Long Grain D-98 Basmati White Rice


  • Long Grain PK-386 White Rice & Parboiled Rice

  • Long Grain IRRI-09 White Rice & Parboiled Rice

  • Long Grain IRRI-06 White Rice & Parboiled Rice

  • Long Grain KS-282 White Rice


ANCo offers different types of pulses including Chickpeas & Whole Yellow Peas of predominantly European origin

White Basmati Rice
We offer all types of Basmati & Non-Basmati rice
Brown Basmati Rice
We offer brown, white, parboiled or steamed Basmati Rice
Yellow Peas
Mostly European origin
Kabuli Chickpeas
Red Lentils
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